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ASALI is known for a long time as an essential diet that also contributes greatly to combating various diseases and age-related problems. According to new studies of nutritionists and medical devices, it has been shown that, the ability to treat cure can increase
twice as it will be mixed with cinnamon.

In addition, a weekly study conducted by the World News newsletter magazine, pharmaceutical experts, has shown that there are many amounts of honey and
cinnamon in creating better health.

Honey mixed with cinnamon with olive oil, provides a catalyst for hairdresser used in Dork medicine.

The combination of inflammatory inflammation is inflammated and left for 15 minutes. According to medical practitioners, Dr. Alexander Andreyed and Eric Vogelmann, the effects of infusion and fatty substances can be largely controlled by the regular use of teaspoon tea use a mixture of honey and cinnamon.

Their findings, well-documented in a newsletter on Denmark's medical remedies in July 1994. Another study has also shown that daily use of honey reduces the leakage levels.

Honey is also referred to as toothpaste, it also cures a damaged skin, the natural medicine of high blood pressure is an important component in the production of large percentage of metabolic fertilizers and a large percentage of cosmetics and cosmetics.

Epilepsy that grows up and deprives many people has been discovered by experts that they will decrease and disappear altogether if they use one teaspoon of teaspoon mixed with a half teaspoon of cinnamon tea. A Spanish researcher has confirmed that one type of natural medicine that succeeded in destroying fungal organisms was made largely by honey.
The mixture is also specific in assisting in reducing and removing steroids and inflammation of the throat. Honey is also believed to stimulate the desire for marriage. Those in the area are not recommended to advise at least two teaspoons each day before bedtime. There was a time when the ban was banned by some clergymen in some Eastern Oriental religions not to be a cause for emotion.

Honey is believed to be the best medicine for abortion of nausea and nausea. In the same area, you are advised to increase the amount of cinnamon and honey in tea or water, reduce the condition and inflammation and stomach ulcers.

Cultivation of honey as well as cinnamon, can eliminate gastrointestinal gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal disorders in accordance with specific investigations conducted in India and Japan for many years. You can prevent heart disease and prevent, the accumulation of fat cells into blood vessels by eating honey and regular cinnamon during breakfast.

Eating a loaf of honey a day teaspoon of fiber daily fiber is also important for health. This treatment, managed to reduce the blood vessels in 74 percent of patients surveyed. Blood pressure, as well as the problems associated with chest pain and dizziness, disappeared from many patients just a few weeks after Italian researchers gave them regular frequent doses of honey mixed with cinnamon.
Body immune, will increase three times more if you regularly use honey and cinnamon together, experts say. Medical research shows that honey has a large amount of nutrients and minerals including other antibiotics and immune systems, contaminated by white blood cells, helps to prevent diseases as well as to destroy viral bacteria and bacteria. Two teaspoons of melted honey in cinnamon before dinner, they also take off the opening. It is said that you can live up to 100 years of enjoying a healthy and healthy life by daily drinking a cup of tea made in cinnamon and honey.

To make this tasty drink, place four large teaspoons of cinnamon in three cups of water and stir for 10 minutes, to drink a cup quarter three or four times, researchers say.

Honey is a friendly and natural medicine for people with acne disorders. In order to treat the problem, researchers say to mix three teaspoons of honey with one teaspoon cinnamon and stick to acne.

The ability to kill bacteria will make your face normal in just two weeks. Honey, they say that it reduces the skin that was damaged by insects such as dung, irritation and even harmful skin from burning fires. Keep honey and cinnamon directly in the affected areas and repeat when the flame is affected. Repeat until the tumor disappears.

The latest study in Australia and Japan has shown that honey has a great potential in patient treatment for a person who uses cancer treatments. In a study conducted for patients who were seriously ill with skeletal and stomach cancer, those who were using daily doses of honey and cinnamon, showed less affordable double than those who were using only cancer drugs. "We gave them a cinnamon spoon and honey three times a month," says Dr. Hiroki Owatta. There are new evidence that, natural sugars on the honey, have the ability to increase energy in the body. Used properly, these sugars can help older ones and others suffering from fatigue.

Specialists recommend mixing a half teaspoon of honey in half a glass of water and then spray cinnamon and drink two hours after waking up in the morning. "Drink again at 9:00 pm when energy (power) begins to decline," advises Dr Milton Abbozza whose work on honey and cinnamon as a catalyst for energy is internationally recognized.
Honey has a great ability to reduce and heal the broken feet in the heel. Cream honey and cinnamon sprout at feet or feet that have been affected after long days with work or after long exercise. Repeat every morning then, wash your feet in cold water and wear shoes.

Some South American people, scrubbing salts of honey and cinnamon every morning to make the smell in the mouth good and fresh. In Southeast Asia, people use spicy cinnamon and honey to halt the mouth.

Experts believe that the ability to kill the existing bacteria in honey is the fight against the odor from the mouth. Daily doses of honey and cinnamon, make a sense of humor in the classroom or in the classroom as it was discovered by the ancient Greeks. That is honey. It's food and medicine. But here is a raw honey that is available in Tanzania, but the biggest problem is also a fake sold as raw!

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Honeycomb honey and bees

NYUKI's honeycomb is smoker and it is important to know the difference before you buy it to be sure.

1. It is much easier because it has a level of water ranging from 24 percent

2. It has a taste of DYCULE although it is very sweet.
3. Often it has a color-colored color that runs on the WEUS

1. It is harder than small bees as it has a level of water ranging from 17 to 20 percent.
2. It is sweet sweet without having a delicious taste like small bees
3. It has a lot of colors ranging from WHITE, NIGHT, EQUIPMENT, EQUIPMENT, NATURE

That is a great difference in knowing it as it will enable you to find the honey you want and to avoid the discomfort.


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