Meal Time (Times We Should Eat)

Meal Time (Times We Should Eat): Good day readers. I was reading recently and came across a beautiful piece to share with us. Its about the times we eat. Honestly, I realized that a lot of us eat at the wrong times (including me, sadly). We even eat the wrong foods at the wrong time as well. Its saddening as we might be building up disease or problems for ourselves in the nearest future. The diseases we might be piling up for ourselves will be discussed some other day but today we are going to be talking about the right times to eat.


Best time have breakfast: 7.00am to 8:00am. Not later than 10:00am. Breakfast is very important and is needed as it would sail us through the day hence should be filled with enough energy building foods and glucose.


Best time to eat:12:00pm to 2:00pm. Not later than 3:00pm. Lunch is necessary to maintain steady supply of energy and glucose to prevent starvation and lack of glucose especially. Remember to eat enough energy builders.

Best time to eat: 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Not later than 9:00pm. Dinner should be eaten at least 2hours before bed time to ensure the efficient use of the calories and avoid unnecessary deposits of the food and can cause diseases. If taken late, digestion is slow and prolonged.

Remember to eat light for dinner since you won’t be working or needing much energy except those who work at night (night workers, winks).

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